How to Breathe Underwater in Minecraft

Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, offers players a vast and immersive world to explore, both on land and underwater. While underwater exploration can be exciting,

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Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, offers players a vast and immersive world to explore, both on land and underwater. While underwater exploration can be exciting, it also presents the challenge of needing to breathe while submerged. Fortunately, there are several methods players can use to extend their underwater breathing capabilities and explore the depths of Minecraft’s oceans and underwater structures. In this article, we’ll delve into step-by-step instructions on how to breathe underwater in Minecraft, along with tips for maximizing your underwater exploration experience.

Underwater Breathing in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players’ characters have limited air capacity and will start suffocating if they remain submerged underwater for too long. To prevent drowning and extend their underwater exploration time, players need to find ways to replenish their air supply or increase their breathing capabilities while underwater.

How to Breathe Underwater in Minecraft

There are several methods players can use to breathe underwater in Minecraft. Here’s a look at some of the most effective techniques:

1. Potion of Water Breathing:

  • Players can brew a Potion of Water Breathing using a Brewing Stand and the following ingredients: Nether Wart (as a base), Pufferfish, or a Water Bottle.
  • Once brewed, drinking the Potion of Water Breathing will grant the player the ability to breathe underwater for a certain duration, typically 3 minutes or 8 minutes depending on the potion’s potency.

2. Enchanted Armor:

  • Certain armor pieces, such as helmets, can be enchanted with the “Respiration” enchantment.
  • Respiration enhances the player’s ability to breathe underwater by extending the duration they can remain submerged before needing to surface for air.
  • Players can acquire enchanted armor pieces with Respiration through enchanting tables, trading with villagers, or finding them in loot chests.

3. Conduit Power:

  • Constructing a conduit structure underwater and activating it with prismarine blocks and a Nautilus Shell grants players the “Conduit Power” effect.
  • Conduit Power extends the player’s underwater breathing duration and also provides underwater visibility, making it easier to explore underwater structures and caves.

4. Turtle Shell Helmet:

  • Crafting a Turtle Shell Helmet from scutes obtained by breeding and growing turtles grants players additional underwater breathing capabilities.
  • When wearing a Turtle Shell Helmet, players gain an additional 10 seconds of underwater breathing time, helping them stay submerged for longer periods.

5. Building Air Pockets:

  • Players can create air pockets underwater by placing blocks such as glass or doors, creating a small enclosed space where they can surface for air.
  • Building air pockets strategically along underwater routes can provide convenient rest stops for players during extended underwater exploration.

Tips for Underwater Exploration

Here are some additional tips to enhance your underwater exploration experience in Minecraft:

  1. Use Underwater Beacons: Placing beacons with the “Water Breathing” effect near underwater bases or key exploration points can provide a convenient source of extended breathing capabilities for players in the vicinity.
  2. Carry Spare Potions: Always carry spare Potions of Water Breathing or Enchanted Golden Apples in your inventory when embarking on underwater expeditions to ensure you have a backup source of air if needed.
  3. Avoid Deep Ocean Exploration at Night: Deep ocean biomes can be dangerous to explore at night due to increased mob spawns and reduced visibility. Consider exploring deep oceans during the day or using night vision potions to improve visibility.
  4. Bring Torches: Torches can be placed underwater to provide temporary air pockets and illuminate dark underwater areas, making navigation easier.
  5. Watch Your Oxygen Meter: Keep an eye on your oxygen meter while underwater, and surface for air before it depletes completely to avoid drowning.


Becoming proficient at breathing underwater in Minecraft opens up a whole new world of exploration and adventure beneath the surface of the game’s oceans and waterways. By mastering the various methods for extending underwater breathing capabilities and employing strategic techniques for underwater exploration, players can uncover hidden treasures, explore underwater ruins, and encounter fascinating marine life. So gear up, brew some potions, and dive into the depths of Minecraft’s underwater realms for an unforgettable adventure!


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