Guide to Making a Lectern in Minecraft

In the expansive world of Minecraft, players have the opportunity to engage in a wide array of activities, from mining and building to crafting and

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In the expansive world of Minecraft, players have the opportunity to engage in a wide array of activities, from mining and building to crafting and exploration. One of the essential elements of gameplay is learning how to create various items and structures, including functional objects like lecterns. A lectern serves as a platform for displaying written books, allowing players to share knowledge, stories, and instructions with others. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the step-by-step process of making a lectern in Minecraft, ensuring that even beginners can master this valuable crafting skill.

Understanding the Basics

Before we delve into the crafting process, let’s familiarize ourselves with what a lectern is and its basic components:

  1. Function: A lectern is a functional block in Minecraft used to hold and display written books. It allows players to access and read the contents of the books placed on it.
  2. Appearance: A lectern consists of a wooden base with a slanted top surface, resembling a podium or reading stand.
  3. Usage: Players can interact with a lectern by right-clicking on it to open and read any written books placed on the lectern.

Materials Needed

To craft a lectern in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:

  1. Wooden Slabs: Wooden slabs serve as the primary material for constructing the base and top of the lectern. You can use any type of wooden slab, including oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, or dark oak.
  2. Bookshelf: A bookshelf is required to provide the lectern with its functionality. You can craft a bookshelf using wooden planks and books.

Step-by-Step Guide

Now that we have our materials ready, let’s proceed with the crafting process for making a lectern in Minecraft:

  1. Crafting Wooden Slabs:
    • If you don’t already have wooden slabs, craft them by placing wooden planks in a horizontal row across the crafting grid. Each set of three wooden planks will yield six wooden slabs.
  2. Crafting a Bookshelf:
    • Open the crafting table interface.
    • Place three books and six wooden planks in a pattern as follows:
      • Top row: Wooden plank, Wooden plank, Wooden plank
      • Middle row: Book, Book, Book
      • Bottom row: Wooden plank, Wooden plank, Wooden plank
    • This will result in one bookshelf.
  3. Crafting the Lectern:
    • Open the crafting table interface again.
    • Place one bookshelf and four wooden slabs in the following pattern:
      • Top row: Wooden slab, Wooden slab, Wooden slab
      • Middle row: Wooden slab, Bookshelf, Wooden slab
      • Bottom row: Empty, Empty, Empty
    • This will result in one lectern.

Placing and Using the Lectern

Now that we’ve crafted our lectern, let’s explore how to place and use it in Minecraft:

  1. Select the Lectern in Your Inventory:
    • Open your inventory and locate the lectern item.
    • Click on the lectern to select it.
  2. Placing the Lectern:
    • Find a suitable location to place your lectern, such as a library, study room, or classroom.
    • Right-click or tap on the ground to place the lectern in the desired location.
  3. Accessing the Lectern:
    • To access the lectern, right-click or tap on it while standing nearby.
    • This will open the lectern’s interface, allowing you to interact with any written books placed on it.
  4. Placing Written Books:
    • To place a written book on the lectern, simply drag the book from your inventory and drop it onto the lectern’s surface.
    • Once placed, players can right-click on the lectern to open and read the contents of the book.

Additional Tips and Considerations

As you incorporate lecterns into your Minecraft world, consider the following tips for optimal usage:

  1. Book Creation: Use a crafting table to create written books by combining a book and a written piece of paper. Written books can contain text, stories, instructions, or any other information you wish to share.
  2. Decoration: Incorporate lecterns into your builds to create immersive environments, such as libraries, classrooms, or meeting rooms.
  3. Redstone Compatibility: Lecterns are compatible with redstone mechanisms and can emit redstone signals when a book is placed on or removed from the lectern.
  4. Experimentation: Get creative with lecterns by experimenting with different configurations, placements, and uses in your Minecraft world.


Crafting a lectern in Minecraft is a simple yet rewarding process that adds functionality and aesthetic appeal to your builds. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article and experimenting with different materials and designs, you can create versatile platforms for sharing knowledge and stories within your Minecraft world. So gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and elevate your Minecraft experience with the addition of custom-crafted lecterns.


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