Guide to Making a Bed in Terraria

Terraria, the beloved sandbox adventure game, offers players a vast world to explore, survive, and thrive in. One essential aspect of survival in Terraria is

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Terraria, the beloved sandbox adventure game, offers players a vast world to explore, survive, and thrive in. One essential aspect of survival in Terraria is ensuring you have a cozy place to rest and recover. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of crafting a bed in Terraria, allowing you to create a comfortable haven in your world.

Understanding the Importance of Beds in Terraria

Introduction to Beds

  • Beds serve as spawn points for players, allowing them to set their respawn location upon death.
  • Sleeping in a bed also provides a “rested” buff, which grants increased health and mana regeneration for a short duration upon waking up.

Benefits of Using a Bed

  • Setting a spawn point near your base or exploration site can save time and prevent frustrating respawn locations far from your destination.
  • The rested buff provides valuable bonuses during exploration, combat, and building activities.

Steps to Craft a Bed in Terraria

1. Gather Required Materials

  • To craft a basic bed in Terraria, you’ll need the following materials:
    • 15 Wood
    • 5 Silk (obtained from cobwebs)
  • Wood is a common resource found by chopping down trees, while silk is obtained by collecting cobwebs found in caves or the surface.

2. Access a Workbench or Table

  • Beds can only be crafted at specific crafting stations, such as a workbench or table.
  • Place a workbench or table in your base or crafting area to access the crafting menu.

3. Open the Crafting Menu

  • Stand near the workbench or table and open the crafting menu by pressing the designated key (default: ESC).
  • Scroll through the crafting menu until you find the bed recipe.

4. Craft the Bed

  • Once you’ve located the bed recipe, click on it to begin the crafting process.
  • As long as you have the required materials (wood and silk), you can craft a bed directly from the crafting menu.

5. Place the Bed

  • After crafting the bed, it will appear in your inventory as an item.
  • Select the bed from your inventory and place it in a suitable location within your base or shelter.

6. Set Your Spawn Point

  • To set your spawn point, simply interact with the bed by right-clicking or tapping on it (depending on your platform).
  • You’ll receive a message confirming that your spawn point has been set to the bed’s location.

7. Enjoy the Benefits

  • With your spawn point set and your bed in place, you can now enjoy the convenience and comfort of respawning at your chosen location.
  • Whenever you sleep in the bed, you’ll also receive the rested buff, providing temporary bonuses to health and mana regeneration upon waking up.

Tips for Bed Usage

1. Strategic Placement

  • Consider placing beds strategically throughout your world, particularly near areas of frequent exploration or challenging encounters.
  • Having multiple spawn points can save time and frustration when traversing different regions of your world.

2. Upgrade Your Bed

  • As you progress in Terraria, you’ll gain access to more advanced beds with additional features and benefits.
  • Experiment with different bed types, such as canopy beds or golden beds, to customize your living space.

3. Protect Your Spawn Point

  • Be mindful of enemies spawning near your bed, especially during nighttime or in dangerous biomes.
  • Build defenses or light sources around your spawn point to ensure your safety upon respawning.


Crafting a bed in Terraria is a simple yet crucial aspect of survival and convenience in the game. By following the steps outlined in this guide and considering the tips for bed usage, you can create a comfortable and functional respawn point in your world. So gather your materials, set up your crafting station, and embark on the journey to crafting the perfect bed in Terraria. Sweet dreams await in the pixelated world of adventure and exploration!


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