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In the whimsical world of My Singing Monsters, players embark on a journey to breed and collect various creatures to populate their islands with harmonious

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In the whimsical world of My Singing Monsters, players embark on a journey to breed and collect various creatures to populate their islands with harmonious melodies. One such charming monster is the Scups, known for its bubbly appearance and cheerful tunes. Breeding a Scups can be an enjoyable and rewarding task, especially for beginners. This guide will provide easy-to-follow steps for breeding Scups successfully, making it accessible for all players.

Understanding the Scups

Before diving into breeding, let’s learn a bit about the Scups. The Scups is a delightful monster characterized by its round body and bubble-like features. It emits cheerful melodies that contribute to the overall harmony of the island.

Getting Started

To begin breeding a Scups, you’ll need the following:

  1. Breeding Structure: Ensure you have a Breeding Structure on your island. You can obtain one from the Market using coins or diamonds.
  2. Monsters: Scups can be bred using specific combinations of monsters.
  3. Time and Patience: Breeding monsters may take several attempts and some waiting time. Stay patient and persistent!

Breeding the Scups

Follow these steps to breed a Scups:

  1. Select Breeding Structure: Tap on your Breeding Structure to open it.
  2. Choose Monsters: Select two appropriate monsters to breed together. The combination to breed a Scups is typically a Toe Jammer and a Mammott.
  3. Start Breeding: Once you’ve chosen the monsters, tap the “Breed” button to initiate the breeding process.
  4. Wait: Breeding takes time. Check back periodically to see if the breeding has been successful.
  5. Hatch and Place: When the breeding is complete, you’ll receive an egg. Hatch it in the Nursery and place the Scups on your island.

Tips for Success

  • Use Correct Monsters: Ensure you’re using the right combination of monsters. In this case, Toe Jammer and Mammott are the typical combination for breeding Scups.
  • Elemental Combinations: Pay attention to elemental combinations. Toe Jammer and Mammott both have the Cold element, which is necessary for breeding Scups.
  • Upgrade Breeding Structure: Consider upgrading your Breeding Structure to improve your chances of breeding Scups successfully.
  • Try Different Combinations: If you don’t succeed on your first attempt, try different combinations. Sometimes, rare monsters can be bred using unexpected pairings.


Breeding a Scups in My Singing Monsters is an enjoyable and rewarding experience that adds to the musical charm of your island. By following the steps outlined in this guide and keeping a few tips in mind, you can successfully breed this bubbly creature and enhance the harmony of your monster ensemble. Remember to be patient, experiment with different combinations, and enjoy the journey of discovering new and exciting monsters in the Monster World!


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