Guide to Breeding Rare Potbelly

In the musical world of My Singing Monsters, players strive to collect and breed rare and exotic creatures to create harmonious melodies on their islands.

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In the musical world of My Singing Monsters, players strive to collect and breed rare and exotic creatures to create harmonious melodies on their islands. One such rare monster is the Rare Potbelly, a special variation of the Potbelly known for its unique appearance and charming tunes. Breeding a Rare Potbelly can be a thrilling challenge, but with the right knowledge and strategy, you can add this adorable creature to your monster collection. This guide will provide easy-to-understand steps for beginners to breed Rare Potbelly successfully.

Understanding the Rare Potbelly

Before we delve into breeding, let’s learn more about the Rare Potbelly. The Rare Potbelly is a variation of the Potbelly monster, characterized by its vibrant colors and distinct musical style. It adds a delightful touch to any island with its playful antics and cheerful melodies.

Getting Started

To begin breeding a Rare Potbelly, you’ll need the following:

  1. Breeding Structure: Ensure you have a Breeding Structure on your island. You can obtain one from the Market using coins or diamonds.
  2. Potbelly Monster: You’ll need at least one regular Potbelly on your island. If you don’t have one yet, you can purchase it from the Market or breed it using specific combinations.
  3. Time and Persistence: Breeding rare monsters often requires multiple attempts and some waiting time. Stay patient and keep trying!

Breeding the Rare Potbelly

Follow these steps to breed a Rare Potbelly:

  1. Select Breeding Structure: Tap on your Breeding Structure to open it.
  2. Choose Monsters: Select a Potbelly and another monster to breed with. The combination to breed a Rare Potbelly is Potbelly and any monster that produces the Earth element.
  3. Start Breeding: Once you’ve chosen the monsters, tap the “Breed” button to initiate the breeding process.
  4. Wait: Breeding takes time. Check back periodically to see if the breeding has been successful.
  5. Hatch and Place: When the breeding is complete, you’ll receive an egg. Hatch it in the Nursery and place the Rare Potbelly on your island.

Tips for Success

  • Use Potbellies in Breeding: Since the Rare Potbelly is a variation of the Potbelly, it’s essential to use a Potbelly in the breeding combination.
  • Elemental Combinations: Pair the Potbelly with monsters that produce the Earth element to increase your chances of breeding a Rare Potbelly.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try different combinations. Sometimes, rare monsters can be bred using unexpected pairings.
  • Upgrade Breeding Structure: Consider upgrading your Breeding Structure to improve your chances of breeding rare monsters successfully.


Breeding a Rare Potbelly in My Singing Monsters is an exciting journey that requires patience and perseverance. With the right combination of monsters and a bit of luck, you can add this charming and melodious creature to your island. Remember to keep trying, explore different breeding combinations, and enjoy the thrill of discovering something rare and special in the Monster World!


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