How to Cure Vampirism in Skyrim

Vampirism is a curse that afflicts players in the vast world of Skyrim, bringing with it both powers and drawbacks. While embracing the darkness can

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Vampirism is a curse that afflicts players in the vast world of Skyrim, bringing with it both powers and drawbacks. While embracing the darkness can be tempting, many players seek to rid themselves of this affliction and return to the realm of mortals. In this guide, we’ll explore five key points to help you cure vampirism in Skyrim and restore your character to their former self.

1. Identify the Stages of Vampirism:

Vampirism in Skyrim progresses through four distinct stages, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. As you feed on the blood of the living, you will progress through these stages, gaining increased powers but also becoming more susceptible to sunlight and attracting the attention of vampire hunters. Recognizing the stage of vampirism your character is in is crucial for determining the appropriate course of action for curing the affliction.

2. Seek a Cure from Falion in Morthal:

One of the most reliable methods of curing vampirism in Skyrim is to seek the assistance of Falion, a wizard residing in the town of Morthal. Falion offers a ritual that can cure vampirism and restore your character to their mortal form. To initiate the ritual, speak to Falion in Morthal and follow his instructions. Be prepared to provide a filled black soul gem as part of the ritual’s requirements.

3. Complete the Companions Questline:

Another option for curing vampirism in Skyrim is to complete the Companions questline, which involves joining the warrior guild known as the Companions in Whiterun. As you progress through the questline, you will have the opportunity to become a werewolf through a special ritual. Embracing lycanthropy will cure your character of vampirism, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of being a werewolf instead.

4. Use a Cure Disease Potion or Shrine Blessing:

If you prefer a more immediate solution to curing vampirism, you can use a cure disease potion or seek a blessing from a shrine. Cure disease potions can be crafted using alchemy ingredients or purchased from apothecaries and merchants throughout Skyrim. Additionally, visiting a shrine dedicated to a divine being, such as Talos or Mara, and receiving their blessing can cure vampirism and other ailments afflicting your character.

5. Embrace the Dawnguard:

Alternatively, if you wish to embrace vampirism but avoid its drawbacks, you can join the Dawnguard, a faction dedicated to hunting down and eradicating vampires in Skyrim. By joining the Dawnguard and completing their questline, you will gain access to powerful weapons, armor, and abilities specifically designed to combat vampires. Additionally, you can choose to become a vampire hunter and cleanse Skyrim of the undead menace.


Curing vampirism in Skyrim is a multi-faceted process that offers players various options and paths to pursue. Whether seeking the aid of a skilled wizard, embracing the power of lycanthropy, utilizing potions and blessings, or joining the ranks of the Dawnguard, there are several avenues available to rid your character of this curse and restore them to their mortal form. By following the five key points outlined in this guide, you can embark on a quest to banish vampirism from Skyrim and reclaim your character’s humanity. So, whether you choose to walk in the light or embrace the darkness, the choice is yours to make in the ever-expansive world of Skyrim.

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