Guide to Building Outposts in Starfield

Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration game from Bethesda Game Studios, offers players the opportunity to embark on epic adventures across the cosmos. As explorers

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Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration game from Bethesda Game Studios, offers players the opportunity to embark on epic adventures across the cosmos. As explorers venture into the unknown reaches of space, establishing outposts becomes essential for expanding influence, conducting research, and securing valuable resources. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore how to build outposts in Starfield, empowering players to establish a foothold in the vast expanse of the universe and thrive among the stars.

Understanding Outposts in Starfield

Outposts serve as crucial hubs for exploration, research, and resource management in Starfield. These self-sustaining facilities provide a variety of services and amenities to support spacefaring endeavors, including research laboratories, living quarters, storage facilities, and more. By building outposts strategically, players can unlock new opportunities, expand their influence, and chart their course through the galaxy.

How to Build an Outpost in Starfield

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of building an outpost in Starfield:

1. Select a Suitable Location:

  • Before constructing an outpost, scout for a suitable location that meets your needs and objectives. Consider factors such as proximity to resources, strategic importance, and environmental conditions. Once you’ve identified a suitable site, proceed to the next step.

2. Gather Resources:

  • Building an outpost requires a variety of resources, including metals, minerals, energy sources, and construction materials. Explore nearby planets, asteroids, and space stations to gather the necessary resources or trade with other factions to acquire what you need.

3. Plan Your Outpost Layout:

  • Before beginning construction, plan the layout of your outpost to optimize efficiency and functionality. Consider the placement of essential facilities such as power generators, living quarters, research labs, and defensive structures. Design a layout that maximizes space and ensures ease of access for inhabitants.

4. Construct Foundation and Infrastructure:

  • Start by constructing the foundation and basic infrastructure of your outpost. Use construction drones or specialized equipment to clear the site, prepare the ground, and lay the groundwork for future development. Build essential structures such as power generators, storage facilities, and communication arrays to establish a solid foundation for your outpost.

5. Build Essential Facilities:

  • Once the foundation is in place, begin constructing the essential facilities required to support outpost operations. These may include research laboratories, living quarters, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, and more. Prioritize the construction of facilities that fulfill critical functions and contribute to the outpost’s overall sustainability and functionality.

6. Establish Defensive Measures:

  • In the vast expanse of space, outposts are vulnerable to various threats, including hostile factions, pirates, and environmental hazards. Establish defensive measures such as shield generators, automated turrets, and security systems to protect your outpost from potential threats. Strengthening your outpost’s defenses is essential for ensuring its long-term survival and security.

7. Expand and Upgrade:

  • As your outpost grows and evolves, continue to expand and upgrade its facilities to meet changing needs and objectives. Invest in research and development to unlock new technologies and upgrades that enhance the efficiency, productivity, and resilience of your outpost. Regularly assess your outpost’s capabilities and make adjustments as needed to adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

Tips for Building Successful Outposts

  • Strategic Location: Choose outpost locations strategically to maximize access to resources, minimize risks, and capitalize on strategic advantages.
  • Resource Management: Efficiently manage resources to ensure a steady supply of materials for construction, operation, and expansion.
  • Diversify Facilities: Build a diverse range of facilities to support various functions and activities, including research, manufacturing, housing, and defense.
  • Security Measures: Prioritize outpost security by implementing defensive measures and maintaining a vigilant watch against potential threats.
  • Adaptability: Remain adaptable and flexible in your outpost construction and management approach to respond to changing conditions and demands.


Building outposts in Starfield is an exciting and essential aspect of space exploration and colonization. By following the steps outlined in this guide and implementing strategic planning and resource management, players can establish thriving outposts that serve as bastions of civilization in the vastness of space. Whether conducting research, harvesting resources, or defending against threats, outposts play a crucial role in shaping the player’s journey and unlocking new possibilities among the stars. So venture forth, pioneer new frontiers, and build your legacy among the stars in Starfield.


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