How to Strikethrough in Google Docs

Strikethrough formatting is a useful tool in Google Docs for indicating deleted or deprecated text, making it stand out while still visible. Whether you’re editing

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Strikethrough formatting is a useful tool in Google Docs for indicating deleted or deprecated text, making it stand out while still visible. Whether you’re editing a document, drafting a report, or collaborating with colleagues, knowing how to apply strikethrough formatting can enhance the clarity and readability of your content. In this guide, we’ll explore five key points to help you strikethrough text in Google Docs effectively.

1. Highlight the Text to Strikethrough:

To apply strikethrough formatting to text in Google Docs, start by highlighting the text you want to strike through. You can do this by clicking and dragging your mouse over the desired text, or by holding down the Shift key and using the arrow keys to select the text. Alternatively, you can double-click on a word to select it, or triple-click to select the entire paragraph.

2. Access the Format Menu:

Once you’ve selected the text you want to strikethrough, navigate to the “Format” menu at the top of the Google Docs interface. Click on the “Format” menu to open it, and then select the “Text” option from the dropdown menu. This will open a submenu with various text formatting options.

3. Apply Strikethrough Formatting:

In the “Text” submenu, locate and hover over the “Strikethrough” option. This will display a preview of the selected text with strikethrough formatting applied. Click on the “Strikethrough” option to apply the formatting to the selected text. The text will now appear crossed out, indicating that it has been struck through.

4. Use Keyboard Shortcuts:

For faster access to strikethrough formatting, you can use keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs. To apply strikethrough formatting using a keyboard shortcut, simply highlight the text you want to strike through and press the following keys simultaneously:

  • For Windows/Linux: Press “Alt” + “Shift” + “5”
  • For Mac: Press “Cmd” + “Shift” + “X” Using keyboard shortcuts can save you time and streamline your workflow when working with text formatting in Google Docs.

5. Remove Strikethrough Formatting:

If you need to remove strikethrough formatting from text, simply highlight the text with strikethrough formatting applied and access the “Format” menu again. Navigate to the “Text” submenu and click on the “Strikethrough” option to toggle it off. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut mentioned above to remove strikethrough formatting quickly.


Strikethrough formatting is a valuable tool in Google Docs for indicating deleted or deprecated text while still keeping it visible. By following these five key points – highlighting the text, accessing the format menu, applying strikethrough formatting, using keyboard shortcuts, and removing strikethrough formatting – you can easily incorporate strikethrough formatting into your documents and enhance their clarity and readability. Whether you’re editing documents, collaborating with colleagues, or drafting reports, mastering the art of strikethrough formatting will improve your document formatting skills and streamline your workflow in Google Docs. So next time you need to indicate deleted text, remember these steps to apply strikethrough formatting effectively.

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