How to Lava Fishing in Terraria

Terraria is an expansive sandbox game that offers players endless opportunities for exploration, crafting, and adventure. One of the many activities players can engage in

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Terraria is an expansive sandbox game that offers players endless opportunities for exploration, crafting, and adventure. One of the many activities players can engage in is fishing, which allows them to catch a variety of fish and other valuable items. While fishing in water bodies is common, fishing in lava presents its own set of challenges and rewards. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to fish in lava in Terraria, providing easy-to-understand steps for players to master this unique aspect of the game.

Understanding Lava Fishing

Fishing in lava in Terraria requires a different approach compared to fishing in water. Lava is a hazardous environment that can deal significant damage to players if they come into contact with it. Additionally, the types of fish and loot available in lava are different from those found in water bodies. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the mechanics of lava fishing before diving in.

Required Equipment

Before attempting to fish in lava, make sure you have the following equipment:

  1. Fishing Rod: You’ll need a fishing rod to catch fish. The higher the quality of the fishing rod, the better your chances of catching rare fish and loot.
  2. Bait: Bait is necessary to attract fish to your hook. Different types of bait have varying effectiveness, so experiment to find the best option for lava fishing.
  3. Obsidian Skin Potion: This potion grants temporary immunity to lava, allowing you to fish safely without taking damage. It’s essential to have a sufficient supply of obsidian skin potions before venturing into lava.
  4. Optional Accessories: Certain accessories, such as the Angler Tackle Bag or Tackle Box, can increase your fishing power and provide additional benefits while fishing. Consider equipping these accessories to improve your chances of success.

Finding a Suitable Fishing Spot

Once you have the necessary equipment, the next step is to find a suitable fishing spot in lava. Look for large pools of lava deep underground or in the underworld biome. These areas typically have higher concentrations of lava fish and better loot chances. Be cautious when exploring lava-filled areas, as lava can deal significant damage if you come into contact with it.

Using Obsidian Skin Potion

Before you begin fishing in lava, drink an obsidian skin potion to grant temporary immunity to lava. This potion typically lasts for a few minutes, so make the most of your time while under its effects. Keep an eye on the potion’s duration and be prepared to retreat to safety once it wears off.

Casting Your Line

With your fishing rod equipped and bait selected, cast your line into the lava pool. Wait patiently for a fish to bite, indicated by the bobber dipping below the surface. Once you see the bobber move, quickly reel in the fish by pressing the designated button/key.

Dealing with Enemies

While fishing in lava, be prepared to encounter hostile enemies such as lava slimes or demons. Keep your weapons and defensive gear ready to fend off attacks while fishing. Additionally, consider placing platforms or other structures to create a barrier between you and the enemies, allowing you to fish safely.

Collecting Loot

In addition to catching fish, fishing in lava can yield valuable loot such as crates, ores, and gems. Keep an eye out for special fishing quests or events that may offer unique rewards for successful lava fishing. Collecting and selling valuable loot can provide a lucrative source of income in Terraria.

Safety Precautions

When fishing in lava, safety should always be a top priority. Avoid standing directly over lava pools to minimize the risk of falling in accidentally. Keep a close eye on your health and potion duration, and be prepared to retreat to safety if necessary. Additionally, consider fishing with friends or NPCs for added protection and assistance.


Fishing in lava in Terraria adds an exciting and challenging dimension to the game’s fishing mechanics. By following the steps outlined in this guide and taking appropriate safety precautions, players can master the art of lava fishing and reap the rewards of rare fish and valuable loot. So gather your gear, drink your obsidian skin potion, and embark on a thrilling lava fishing adventure in the world of Terraria!


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