How to Heal Zombie Villagers

In the vast world of Minecraft, encountering a zombie villager can be both intimidating and intriguing. However, did you know that with the right approach,

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In the vast world of Minecraft, encountering a zombie villager can be both intimidating and intriguing. However, did you know that with the right approach, you can actually cure these undead villagers and restore them to their former selves? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of healing zombie villagers in Minecraft, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to embark on this rewarding journey.

Understanding Zombie Villagers in Minecraft

Introduction to Zombie Villagers

  • Zombie villagers are hostile mobs that spawn naturally in the game or are created when regular villagers are attacked by zombies.
  • Unlike regular zombies, zombie villagers retain some characteristics of their former selves, including their clothing and professions.

Importance of Healing Zombie Villagers

  • Healing zombie villagers not only saves them from their undead fate but also provides valuable rewards to players.
  • Once cured, zombie villagers can become regular villagers, offering trades, professions, and contributing to village life.

Steps to Heal a Zombie Villager

1. Secure the Area

  • Before attempting to heal a zombie villager, ensure the surrounding area is safe and free from other hostile mobs.
  • Build a secure enclosure to prevent the zombie villager from escaping or being attacked by other creatures.

2. Capture the Zombie Villager

  • Use a lead or boat to capture the zombie villager and transport them to a safe location.
  • Avoid using weapons that may accidentally kill the zombie villager during capture.

3. Build a Healing Area

  • Construct a dedicated healing area where you can safely cure the zombie villager.
  • This area should include a bed, workstation (such as a brewing stand or lectern), and a source of food (such as a composter or chest with food items).

4. Prepare the Potion of Weakness

  • Craft a Potion of Weakness using a brewing stand and the following ingredients:
    • Water bottle (filled) + fermented spider eye
  • Ensure you have enough potions to apply to the zombie villager during the curing process.

5. Apply the Potion of Weakness

  • Once you’ve captured the zombie villager and brought them to the healing area, throw a Potion of Weakness at them using a splash potion or by applying it directly.
  • The zombie villager will display potion particles, indicating that the weakness effect has been applied.

6. Feed the Zombie Villager a Golden Apple

  • After applying the Potion of Weakness, use a golden apple (either a regular or enchanted golden apple) on the zombie villager.
  • Approach the weakened zombie villager and right-click on them with the golden apple in hand.

7. Wait for the Transformation

  • Once the golden apple is consumed, the transformation process will begin.
  • The zombie villager will undergo a curing animation, during which they will shake and emit healing particles.

8. Welcome the Cured Villager

  • After a brief period, the zombie villager will transform into a regular villager, complete with their original appearance and profession.
  • Congratulate yourself on successfully healing a zombie villager and welcome them to your village or community.

Tips for Success

1. Plan Ahead

  • Before attempting to heal a zombie villager, gather all necessary resources and prepare a suitable healing area.

2. Be Patient

  • Curing a zombie villager takes time, so be prepared to wait for the transformation process to complete.

3. Ensure Safety

  • Keep the area surrounding the healing site secure to prevent interruptions or attacks from other mobs.


Healing zombie villagers in Minecraft is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor that adds depth and excitement to the game. By following the steps outlined in this guide and employing patience and perseverance, you can successfully rescue these undead villagers and reintegrate them into your community. So grab your potions, golden apples, and compassion, and embark on the noble quest of healing zombie villagers in Minecraft!


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